HardiePlank HZ5 Cedarmill Lap Siding - Primed
Fiber Cement Lap Siding

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Traditional and timeless. Sleek and strong. Hardie® Plank lap siding is James Hardie's best-selling product, protecting and beautifying more homes from coast to coast. From Victorians to Colonials, Hardie® Plank is the perfect siding for any style, and has the durability and long-lasting beauty that can transform a home's exterior.

Hardie fiber cement exterior products are Engineered for Climate®, designed specifically with your climate zone in mind for optimal performance. In the northern USA and Canada, HZ5® products resist shrinking, swelling and cracking in wet or freezing conditions. The HZ5 substrate product formulation contains a balance of high-quality balance of Portland cement, sand and cellulose fiber to deliver the best combination of strength and workability. Patented and proprietary additives are chemically bonded within the HZ5® substrate matrix to provide durable moisture resistance. In addition, HardiePlank in HZ5 substrates come with a drip edge to provide improved water management.

This siding is primed for paint, giving you the power to choose your paint for the home's exterior. Primed and ready for field painting, these panels offer a high-performance canvas.

The natural cedar look of the Cedarmill finish has a soft texture that mimics wood.

  • Lap siding with the natural look of cedar
  • Available widths: 5-1/4" with 4" exposures; 6-1/4" with 5" exposures; 7-1/4" with 6" exposures; 8-1/4" with 7" exposures; 9-1/4" with 8" exposures; 12" with 10-3/4" exposures
  • HZ5 Substrate designed for northern USA climates - resists shrinking, swelling and cracking in wet or freezing conditions
  • Note that 9-1/4" does not feature the drip edge
  • Width