Klauer Saw-Kerf T Wall Bracing
Straps & Ties

Klauer Saw Kerf T Wall Bracing comes pre-punched in both flanges, making a nailing hole available every 1/2 inch. No weakening of studs by nailing into the Saw Kerf! This approach is much stronger and faster than cutting in-lets for 1" x 4" wood bracing.

Manufactured from 20 gauge galvanized steel, this bracing features rounded edges to reduce possible hand injury. The edges are offset at a slight angle, adding rigidity to resist compression.

Saw Kerf T Wall Bracing is a must for pre-fab buildings. It exceeds the requirements of HUD, FHA, ICVO, and SCCI.

  • Gives needed rigidity to walls, both compression and tension
  • 11'3-3/4" lengths
  • Full bundles only
  • 10 per bundle