Lomanco #750 Roof Louver with Screen - 6 per Carton
Roof Vents
MPN: P-L750W P-L750W

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The Lomanco #750 is a slant-back style, self-flashing roof mounted attic exhaust vent.

It features bird-proof construction. Louvered sides are seamed to the top and the top is riveted securely to the base flashing.

Three louvered sides open upward to prevent shingle discoloration, and a weather-tight collar is seamed to the base flashing.

This is an exhaust vent and must be used in conjunction with adequate intake vents for proper operation.

The Lomanco #750 is sold in cartons of (6) pieces, each 16 in x 20-5/16 in x 5 in, with 8 in opening size.

  • Large nailing flange
  • Designed to prevent roof discoloration
  • Three sides louvered for greater air flow
  • Embossed aluminum finishes for added strength, extended paint life, and blending appearance with shingles
  • Base, sides & top made of 0.025” Aluminum Coiled Sheet (embossed on painted units); Collar made of 0.0175” Aluminum Coiled Sheet
  • Color