Lomanco OmniRidge Shingle Over Vent - 10 per Carton
Ridge Vents

The Lomanco OR4-S OmniRidge® is an injection-molded, shingle over ridge vent. It is molded in 4 foot sections and adjustable to roof pitches from 2/12 to 16/12.

Features include an exterior venturi baffle with perpendicular omni baffles, internal aerodynamic curved baffles, molded end plugs, weather proof under lapping connection with alignment tabs, water shield at the louvers, and fully supported nail holes.

This is an exhaust vent and must be used in conjunction with adequate intake vents for proper operation.

Made of custom blended, high impact co-polymer with UV stabilization additives; screen made of 18 mesh fiberglass.

The Lomanco OR4-S OmniRidge is sold in cartons of (10) sections, each 4 ft long.

  • Molded nailing lines for cap shingles
  • Weatherproof under-lapping joint
  • Four drain holes per foot per side
  • External water shield
  • Enhanced weather protection