Whitewash-White Pine EM WP4 STK 23/32" 1x6 (43 LF per bundle)
Pine Patterns

Old Orchard Lodge interior stained wood panels deliver the timeless beauty of wood. Prefinished and ready to install, these 1 x 6 sold wood panels feature a WP4 pattern, end matching and a White Wash stain that offers a modern twist on classic pine.

The clean, bright appearance of the White Wash finish on these panels is sure to be a show stopper in any room. This product completely embellishes the flowing colors of pine and ages into something that will be aesthetically pleasing for decades to come.

The pre-coating process has the added advantage of providing superior dimensional stability, drastically reducing shrinkage of the wood. The product is coated on all four sides with the exact same amount of coating from start to finish, resulting in an unsurpassed uniform coating.

With no sanding or extra handling needed, installation time is greatly reduced. You'll also avoid job clean up, with no drips, spills, empty paint cans, brushes, and staging.

Consumers will notice that a pre-coated product doesn't give off the same odors and fumes of conventionally painted products.

  • 1 x 6 STK White Pine Panels
  • End matched
  • Prefinished - interior stained in a modern White Wash
  • 23/32" actual thickness
  • 43 Linear ft per bundle (3'-8' lengths)