Phillips 5/8" L-200 Metal Trim
Joint Treatments & Tapes
MPN: P-L102588 P-L102588

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Phillips L-200 trim is a sturdy, steel casing product and a mudable trim. This product provides maximum protection and a professionally finished wallboard edge at window and door jambs. Phillips L-200 can also be applied where wallboard abuts different surfaces such as suspended ceilings, plaster, beams, masonry and concrete.

This product is easily installed to the framing or jamb using standard industry practice. Some consider the L-200 easier to install because the back flange is eliminated.

Installation is complete with application of joint compound to the front side for a smooth, ready-to-paint surface.

  • 5/8" L-200 Butt trim
  • Provides professionally finished wallboard edges
  • Easy to install - no back flange
  • Length