Phillips gripSTIK MAX-Flex Vinyl Archway Bead
Joint Treatments & Tapes

Phillips gripSTIK® MAX-Flex® vinyl archway bead is designed for maximum flexibility as the unique design allows it to conform to almost any radius.

Phillips unique MAX-Flex® cut features a Y shaped slits on the notched flange allowing for ultimate flexibility without kinking.

This product features many perforations, deeply knurled mud anchors, and the entire product is specially textured which all greatly enhance paint and mud adhesion.

It is recommended to use high tack spray adhesive, possibly in conjunction with either nails or staples, for quick and easy installation.

The standard flange length for this product is 1-1/4″.

  • Specially textured & knurled to enhance joint compound adhesion
  • Perforated flanges allow for expansion & contraction from temperature changes
  • Tapered flanges for seamless finish work
  • Works great for both drywall and interior veneer applications
  • Durable: Impact and corrosion resistant