Plyco FMW100 Low Profile Ridge Ventilator Fiberglass Rain Diverter 10'

FMW100-35 Low profile (4.5" above roof peak) 10 foot vent with open top for additional air flow (36 square inches per lineal foot). 3 1/2" throat with a 2" flange and 13" overall width.

This vent is constructed with a translucent fiberglass diverter to bring in natural light at the ridge. The 3 1/2" throat ventilator is designed for large attic ventilation or entire building ventilation such as in horse, cattle, or poultry buildings.

The diverter features 1½" wide nailing flange, and the exposed edges are hemmed. Hemmed edges are standard for easier, safer handling and to guard against rust.

Flashings are packaged with each vent for single or continuous installations which saves forgotten parts or extra cost.

Constructed of 29 gauge steel material, it comes prepainted.

  • 1/2" mesh on top opening.
  • Exposed edges are hemmed
  • 1-1/2" Wide nailing flange
  • Comes with Flashings
  • Prepainted steel construction