Pro Plug System for MoistureShield Composite Decking - 250 Linear Feet
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MPN: P-PXDT513S250 P-PXDT513S250

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The Pro Plug® System for Composite Decking is a hidden fastening system that provides a secure, face-fastened connection with precision cut plugs made from actual decking and cladding materials.

Installation is a two-step process utilizing a setting tool, screws and plugs. All components must be used together as instructed to ensure proper function.

The PVC/Composite tool features an Auto-Stop™ mechanism that disengages the driver bit and stops the screw from driving further than the target depth.

Follow all decking and cladding manufacturer instructions, including specifications for screw spacing, edge/end distances, and gapping. Predrilling is recommended for all composite deck boards. Predrill a 3/16″ pilot hole through the decking material only; not the joist.

  • Plugs perfectly match MoistureShield composite wood decking
  • Plugs are for 1″ nominal (or greater) material and available in all leading deck and cladding brands
  • Patented PVC/Composite Tool with Auto-Stop™ sets screw to the correct depth without stripping screw recess
  • Free spinning stop collar on setting tool prevents damage to the board surface
  • Screws feature a Type 17 auger tip for faster, easier insertion and to help prevent splitting
  • Color