Transform Round Aluminum Balusters - 10 Pack
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Use these round aluminum balusters with RDI Transform railing kits.

Transform balusters attach quickly and easily with mounting adapters, saving time by eliminating the need for tedious nailing or screwing each baluster into the railing. This innovative baluster adapter works in level and stair rail configurations.

Transform®, made from RDI's resin based, state-of-the-art Resalite® core has the weight, look and feel of wood. However, Transform will not absorb water so it won't rot and it resists weathering, discoloration and sagging.

  • Black round aluminum balusters
  • Choose length for finished rail height 36 in or 42 in
  • Baluster shoes sold separately, in boxes of 20
  • Stair baluster shoes are designed for stair angles 32-38 degrees
  • Length