Regal ideas Straight 1-9/16" Wide Pickets for Stair Rail

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These pickets are designed for use with 42" High Regal Aluminum Railing. A patented lock-in picket system allows pickets to be quickly installed in railing without the use of fasteners and bottom rail support.

Constructed with high strength aluminum alloys, it meets or exceeds national building codes. A premium UV power coat finish provides maximum durability and low maintenance.

The 1-9/16" stair pickets are 29-7/8" high. With the top and bottom rail, a final rail height of 36" is achieved to meet building codes. Regal final stair rail height is 36", even if the horizontal deck area has a 42" rail height.

  • Stair wide pickets (covers 3 ft with spacers)
  • 1-9/16" pickets
  • Includes (14) aluminum 5" spacers
  • 6/pkg
  • Color