Driftwood CP40849 Rigid Edgeband Medina 15/16" x 1mm x 600'
MPN: 301799-127 301799-127 MFG #: 301799-127

Rehau Rigid Thick Edgeband is an ideal choice for high-traffic areas that require increased edge thickness for more durability and impact resistance.

This 1 mm thick edgeband is designed to match Arauco Prism TFL WF356 Driftwood and features Arauco's Medina finish. Medina is a distinctive, wide linear finish exhibiting a varying matt/gloss effect that is suitable for woodgrains and solid colors.

  • 1 mm Thick PVC edgeband
  • Lacquered for maximum protection and gloss control
  • Superior machinability for easier processing
  • Gloss level 4-10 Lusterless Or Low Sheen
  • Embossing 33