Rehau Antique White C100144 PVC Edgeband
MPN: P-301574-446 P-301574-446

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Rehau Antique White C100144 PVC Edgeband is available in FlexEdge 3 mm thick and PVC Thin options.

FlexEdge is a durable and impact resistant semi-rigid edgeband. It handles a radius as small as 12 mm without extra pressure or excess adhesive. The flexible 3 mm material trims easily and is ideal for use with contour edgebanders.

For a convenient and more affordable option, choose thin PVC edgebanding with a thickness of 0.018".

Antique White C100144 is a warm, creamy solid color edgeband designed to match Arauco SF100:VICTORIAN WHITE, American Laminates :ANTIQUE WHITE, Arborite S463:ANTIQUE WHITE, and Wilsonart 1572:ANTIQUE WHITE.

  • Lacquered for maximum protection and gloss control
  • Superior machinability for easier processing
  • FlexEdge and PVC Thin No Finish options are gloss level 9-14 Smooth
  • Arauco Suede texture option is gloss level 4-10: Lusterless or Low Sheen and Embossing 20
  • Size