Elegant Matte Grigio Bromo AG71436 ABS Edgeband
MPN: P-964078-006 P-964078-006

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Elegant matte is a completely new generation of edge. With a gloss level below 6 gloss level points, the millwork edge has high scratch resistance, while the end user benefits from its resistance to fingerprints.

Made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), this edgeband is chlorine free both during manufacturing and in the final product. Unlike PVC, ABS may be incinerated with general waste, is lighter in weight and highly heat resistant.

This thermoplastic material resists impact, which is especially important for office furniture applications.

ABS is used as a substitute material for PVC edges in carpentry and woodworking. It has properties similar to PVC, but is inherently more weather resistant, so no stabilizing agents need to be added.

This material is produced in Rehau's North American facility according to ISO 14001 environmental standards.

  • Gloss level of <6 gloss points : Lusterless or low sheen
  • High scratch resistance
  • High resistance to fingerprints
  • Matches FENIX NTM Grigio Bromo 0724
  • Formica FENIX finish is a soft-touch, antifingerprint matte
  • Finish