Hot Melt Pellets Universal Natural (JOWAT #296.30)
Edgebander Adhesives
MPN: 122941-008 122941-008 MFG #: 122941-208

To ensure the best application of its edgeband to your furniture, Rehau has developed its own line of adhesives.

RAUBOND Universal is an economical, medium-viscosity hot melt suitable for a wide variety of edging including PVC, ABS, PP, veneer and melamine. A great all purpose edgebanding adhesive.

Store in closed containers. Shelf life is at least 3 years from the date of manufacture in dry and cool 58-76°F (15-25°C) conditions.

  • JOWAT # 296.30
  • Medium-viscosity hot melt
  • All-purpose edgebanding adhesive
  • Softening point ~ 230°F (110°C)
  • Density ~ 1.40 g/ml (11.5 lbs/gal)