Rauvisio ingrain Sunlit Pine 1827 19.5mm 49x121
Wall & Door Panels
MPN: 319613-204 319613-204

RAUVISIO ingrain is a sustainable wood fiber laminate surface, with a synchronized etched grain providing an authentic look of veneer. This large format pressed panel of particle board is surrounded by two sides of wood fiber laminate.

Wood fiber laminate is cellulose fibers derived from wood pulp bonded using vegetable-based adhesives, resulting in a high-performing, sustainable surface. The engineered natural material is an economical choice, eliminating the labor-intensive finish work of real veneer and coming in at nearly one-third of the cost of prefinished veneer.

Synchronized etching, the proprietary technology used in RAUVISIO ingrain, adds visual dimension to a wood-fiber pore by applying a patterned matte and low gloss finish. It delivers the soft, crisp graining of a veneer, without the overcompensations typical of melamine embossing. On REHAU LaserEdge, this technique known as duo-gloss, recreates each laminate color using a precision embossing pattern for a visually seamless surface-to-edge transition.

Sunlit Pine 1827 is from the Horizon collection. Beaming with light all around, this collection is a celebration for the eyes. Experience these warm and deeply vibrant colors for a sunny-side-up experience that nurtures elevated moods and keeps ideas flowing.

  • Double-sided finished panel or cabinet door
  • High-definition print
  • High-performing, sustainable surface made of natural cellulose fibers
  • Free of melamine resins, formaldehyde, phenol and solvents
  • Synchronized etching finish