Rehau 301574-PG PVC Rigid Embossing Lacquer Preglued Edgeband, 300 ft Coil
MPN: P-301574-300PG P-301574-300PG

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Rehau rigid edgeband is durable and impact resistant. This edging is ideal for high traffic areas and has superior machinability for easier processing.

Rehau pre-glued edgeband meets the same strict quality guidelines as unglued edgeband. It will not splinter or tear, and it won't separate in damp conditions.

Pre-glued edgeband can be easily applied with any handheld hot-air edgebander. (Keep hands away from heat source to avoid burns.)

  • Durable and impact resistant
  • No separation in damp conditions
  • No dirty cut edges
  • No splintering or tearing
  • Good adhesion to chipboard
  • Color