Rehau Ashen C400772 PVC Edgeband Velvet Texture
MPN: P-302474-035 P-302474-035

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Ashen C400772 edgeband from Rehau is available in PVC Rigid Thick and Thin options.

Rehau rigid edgeband is durable and impact resistant. This edging is ideal for high traffic areas and has superior machinability for easier processing.

For a convenient and more affordable option, choose thin PVC edgebanding with a thickness of 0.018".

Ashen C40072 is a solid color pattern that matches Arauco SF232 ASHEN.

The Arauco Velvet texture is a warm, super-smooth matte finish .

  • Lacquered for maximum protection and gloss control
  • Can be recycled
  • Arauco Velvet texture
  • Gloss level: 4-10 Lusterless Or Low Sheen
  • Embossing 01
  • Size