Rollex Double 6" Vented Soffit

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Soffit panels keep dangerous hot air out of attics in the summer and damaging moisture out during the winter months.

Strong yet flexible aluminum soffit is perfectly vented to promote continuous airflow, a necessary component to keeping attics cool and dry. Optimal ventilation can be strategically controlled by alternating solid and vented panels.

All components are virtually maintenance-free and covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Low maintenance: Simply spray with clean water to maintain like-new appeal
  • Environmentally friendly: Rollex products can be recyled again and again, forever
  • Durable: Top-notch quality product that looks new for decades
  • Best-in-class warranty: Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Free air space: 14.09 sq. inches per lin. ft.
  • Color