Rollex Stealth Hidden Vent Soffit

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Enjoy the beautiful smooth surface of Stealth Soffit while taking advantage of its hidden ventilation perforations.

The design incorporates rows of small holes hidden from view along both sides of the panel’s deep, dovetail grooves to promote continuous airflow for cool, dry attics.

The recessed air holes, invisible to observers, are also virtually immune to penetration by wind-driven rain or snow. Rollex aluminum soffit beautifully complements brick, stucco, fiber cement or vinyl siding with a beautiful, maintenance free finish. Available in a wide array of complementary colors to perfectly accentuate your home's exterior.

  • Can help save energy costs by preventing heat buildup
  • Total net free air of 8 sq in per lineal foot
  • Inhibits the formation of ice dams that cause leaks in your home's interior
  • Recyclable means environmentally friendly
  • Prolongs roof life
  • Color