Selkirk Platinum 1 x 4 ESLP KD Eased Edge Boards
Pine Boards

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Selkirk Platinum 1 x 4 Premium #2 ESLP (Engelmann Spruce/Lodgepole Pine) boards are renowned for their stability and quality, featuring less edge and face wane and requiring less stain.

The Selkirk name stands for seven decades of expertise and cutting-edge drying technology implemented in the kilns.

The finishing lines are equipped with geometric grade scanners driven by Deep Learning AI, elevating the uniformity and excellence of every lumber piece. The outcome? Impeccably flat boards with remarkable stability.

  • Graded above NLGA and WWPA industry standards
  • Furniture finish and eased edges that are smooth and splinter-resistant
  • Heat-treated and kiln-dried to ensure stability and a flat surface
  • Grade #2 & Better (premium)
  • Wane free
  • Length