SmartSide Primed 38 Series Cedar Texture Vented Soffit

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When you use LP® SmartSide® Soffit on your projects, people will notice your attention to every detail. You’ll get the same wood grain or smooth look that matches other LP SmartSide products in a soffit that’s pre-cut to the width you need.

SmartSide 38 Series vented soffits have precisely cut, bug-resistant vents offering 10 square inches of ventilation per linear foot, making it easier to meet code requirements while adding architectural beauty. They are designed to minimize paint buildup and promote continuous airflow.

Availability in a variety of widths means you won't need to spend time ripping full sheets.

LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding products are treated with the proprietary SmartGuard® process. With four components of protection, the process adds strength and helps products withstand impacts, freeze/thaw cycles, high humidity and fungal decay.

  • Perfect alternative to MDO, plywood or hand-installed metal vents
  • 1/8 in Vents to help keep hornets and bees out
  • Treated with SmartGuard®
  • Pre-primed for exceptional paint adhesion
  • Backed by a 5/50-year limited warranty
  • Width