Akona Non-Shrink Grout
Cement, Mortar and Grout Mixes

Akona® Non-Shrink Grout is a pre-blended, pourable, non-metallic, Portland-cement based material used for grouting steel columns, bearing plates, precast concrete and anchors.

Our Non-Shrink Grout compensates for an uneven foundation, distributes the weight of the unit, and prevents shifting after settling and leveling the unit.

Akona Non-Shrink Grout is composed of aggregates, Portland cement and other additives to create an interior or exterior grout with non-shrinking characteristics capable of handling high-load transfers.

Meets ASTM C1107 and is MN, WI, and NE DOT approved.

  • High-strength, 6,700 PSI grout with non-shrink characteristics
  • Preblended and easy to use
  • Capable of handling high load transfers
  • Just add water, mix and use
  • Ideal for a variety of interior and exterior applications, including filling holes, base plate grouting, anchoring, precast wall panels and bridge seats