Handi Form Concrete Pouring Tube
Concrete Forms
MPN: P-CF10 P-CF10

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The Handiform Pouring Tube for Concrete is a single-use cylindrical heavy-duty cardboard form designed to replace labor-intensive wood forms. It can be used for above or below grade applications for concrete footings, piers, and posts.

Pour concrete directly into the cardboard concrete forms for a neat and easy form. Let stand and cure for 24 hours before stripping. Wait 7 days before structurally loading or building on the concrete.

This convenient and inexpensive time-saver is available in a variety of sizes and gives your job a professional finish.

  • Ideal for footings, piers, deck supports, fence posts, mailbox posts and bases
  • Can be used for foundations, round columns, piers
  • Easy to cut, place and secure
  • Moisture resistant so weather and ground conditions will not affect the pour
  • Made from lightweight fiber
  • Length