Titebond Melamine Glue
MPN: P-4016 P-4016

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Titebond® melamine glue is designed for bonding wood, particleboard, MDF and other porous substrates to synthetic materials such as melamine, vinyl and HPL as well as metals.

It offers a fast initial tack, yet has a longer open time that allows for the accurate alignment of working materials.

Titebond® Melamine Glue is a water-based adhesive that is nonflammable, has low odor, dries clear and cleans up with water.

Its thicker formulation offers fewer runs and drips, making it easier to use and more effective for precise assemblies.

  • Bonds melamine, vinyl coated products and HPL to porous materials
  • Fast setting - excellent strength
  • Long open time
  • Thicker formulation - fewer runs and drips
  • Liquid formula dries clear
  • Size