TrapEase Fascia: Color-Matched Fascia Fasteners
Fascia Fasteners

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The TrapEase Fascia System is the strongest, fastest way to attach composite fascia boards. TrapEase Fascia has been designed to allow for fascia board expansion and contraction, delivering a long lasting, beautiful finished look.

The system features a surface mounted counterbore tool that drills a perfect pilot hole and recess to allow the fastener head to sit flush when installed.

The #20 TORX ® ttap ® Drive System is strip-out resistant. In addition, the stability button allows for wobble-free installation, keeping the fastener straight through installation.

TrapEase Fascia head paint is UV and Fade resistant. TrapEase Fascia comes in 18 different colors, ensuring a perfect color match for your next project.

For 1x8" fascia, install a vertical row of (2) fasteners every 18". Use 3 fasteners for 1x12" fascia.

  • Engineered for fascia expansion and contraction
  • Head painted to color match fascia board: UV, corrosion and fade resistant head paint
  • Strip-out resistant #20 TORX® ttap® drive system
  • 100 Lineal foot kit includes (200) color-matched 1 ¾” screws, (1) counterbore tool, and (1) driver bit
  • Approved for use in pressure treated lumber such as ACQ (Not approved for use where framing is in direct contact with salt water)
  • Color