Tresco Power Pockit LED Light - 3 Watts - 234 Lumens
LED Puck Lights

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As the name suggests, this ultra-thin recess or surface mount 3W Pockit provides high output and flooding illumination.

The COB diode technology is far superior than traditional surface mount diodes and eliminates any hot spots or pixelated look. No unsightly diodes or reflections from surfaces.

A premium choice with several finish options.

  • Slim body metal puck light
  • 120° beam spread, dimmable, high output energy efficient light
  • Luniform technology provides superior light output without any “dots”
  • 50,000 useful life hours
  • Mounting: 1/2" depth surface mount, 1/4" deep x 2-1/4" hole for recess mount
  • Size
    Light color/temperature