Trex DeckLighting LightHub 5 Way Transformer Splitter
Landscape Lighting

Trex 5-way Transformer Splitter makes outdoor lighting installation easier than ever. Trex DeckLighting 5 way transformer splitters makes connections fast and secure.

The Multi-zone Transformer Adapter takes the water resistant plug utilized by the Trex Transformers and Dimmers and replicates it turning 1 female port into 5 female ports. This makes creating multiple dimmer zones a snap.

The Multi-zone Transformer Adapter is compatible with all Trex Transformers and Dimmers and can be easily used without any electrical skills.

The entire Trex Outdoor Lighting system has been enhanced with Trex LightHub installation system for easy assembly and installation. Each component comes with both male and female ends that make assembly a snap. Install Trex lighting without the hassle of traditional wiring methods.

  • Connect up to 5 Trex lights to a Trex Transformer
  • 5-way Splitter makes connections easy
  • Use with Trex LightHub connection system for easy installation
  • Helps to create multiple dimmer zones
  • Power source: DC