Trex Protect Beam Tape 3-1/8" x 50' (12/master carton)
Deck Flashing and Tape
MPN: REBCT318 REBCT318 MFG #: 0035

Trex Protect Beam Tape is a self-adhesive butyl tape that protects the wood beams against decay. This tape provides a barrier between treated wood and galvanized metal in hardware such as joist hangers. It seals holes around deck fasteners, preventing water infiltration.

The beam tape is similar to Trex Joist Tape. Both are great protectors; however, the 3-1/8” width Trex beam tape is better for a thicker project.

Deck Joists and beams are horizontal to the ground and provide a resting place for water to accumulate. Sometimes water will make its way to the joist via the decking gap or through screw holes. This provides an environment for deck rot.

Many homeowners are installing composite, hardwood or PVC decking that has a long life span. It makes sense to Invest in the life of the deck sub-structure when building a deck.

This tap is sold by the roll or in master cartons of (12).

  • Quick and easy installation - Peel and stick butyl tape
  • Protects wood beams and joists against decay
  • Seals deck fasteners to prevent water infiltration
  • Improves holding power of screws
  • Can be installed on 12 in. or 16 in. joist spacing