Trex Transcend Composite Railing Crown Top Rail

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Trex Transcend Crown Top Rail is a horizontal railing that is attached between two posts and holds balusters. This is the top railing that is placed on top of balusters. A bottom rail is also required to hold the bottom of balusters. The Trex Crown Top Rail pairs with the Trex Transcend Universal Bottom Rail (sold separately).

This top rail is designed for use with a Trex infill kit and Trex balusters (sold separately). The infil kit contains rail brackets and other necessary hardware required to install the balusters for a complete railing system.

These Transcend Crown Top Rails are made of composite and can be used with all Trex Railing Systems, including Transcend, Select and Signature Railing.

The crown top rail has a traditional look, and is not designed to create a drink rail. To make a railing that can be used for a drink rail, instead use the Trex Universal Top Rail.

Trex Transcend Railing is high-performance railing option that has the appearance of real wood. It is made of composite materials that will not rot, warp, peel or splinter. Trex Railing is also much lower maintenance and never needs to be painted or stained.

  • Transcend Crown Top Rail in 6 foot or 8 foot length
  • Attaches between two posts and holds balusters
  • Pairs with the Trex Transcend Universal Bottom Rail
  • Trex bottom rail, infill kit and balusters are sold separately
  • Traditional look, not for drink rail
  • Length