Fiberock Underlayment
Cement Board

A water-resistant underlayment that delivers support for hardwood, ceramic tile, carpeting and more in homes or light commercial building.

Fiberock® Brand Underlayment represents a new era in substrate performance for wet or dry areas. It has an integral water-resistant composition that offers durability, superior performance and exceptional tile bond that is not susceptible to the same warping often found in traditional wood underlayment.

Fiberock® Brand Underlayment provides a smooth, flat surface that resists swelling and contains none of the resins, adhesives or solvents that can stain floor covering materials.

It also offers greater resistance to indentation than other underlayment products and can be used in all areas — wet or dry — regardless of the flooring material chosen.

  • Certified recycled content of 95 percent
  • Uniform composition provides both strength and water resistance
  • Use in both wet and dry areas throughout the home - Ideal under tile, stone, vinyl, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and carpeting
  • Superior tile bond — three times industry standard
  • Free of resins, adhesives, and solvents that might stain a vinyl floor