Black Melamine Slatwall with Aluminum T-Serts 3/4" 4x8
MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

Wind Mill Anchor™ Core slatwall display panels are 50% stronger than slatwall made with medium density fiberboard (MDF) core. Anchor Core, made by Boise Cascade™, is specifically engineered for retail display panels. Made from 100% recycled wood fibers, Anchor™ Core delivers impressive holding strengths and is available at the same price as MDF core.

Slatwall panels have grooves running the entire length or height of the panel, evenly spaced 3" on-centers and routed T-slots that are used to hang hooks, brackets, baskets and shelves.

These 48" x 96" slatwall panels come with mill finish aluminum T-Sert inserts in the grooves that run in the 96" direction..

Wind Mill’s melamine is a post-impregnated (top foil) melamine paper adhered under heat and pressure directly to the Anchor substrate. It provides an excellent alternative for vertical applications.

In comparison to thermofused melamine, the top foil costs less, has a more desirable finished appearance, and manufactures and repairs with greater ease with no brittle chip-out problems.

  • 3" evenly spaced grooves with metal inserts
  • Made with AnchorTM Core: 100% recycled wood fibers with impressive holding strength
  • 50% stronger than MDF
  • 1 Side Black melamine, 1 side unfinished
  • Grooves with aluminum T-Serts running in 96" direction